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We can finance any of the following types of transactions:

Home Only: This type of loan uses only the home as collateral. The home may be located in a park, on your land or on third-party land.

Home and Land: This type of loan allows you to finance your land and the home in a single payment. The land can be land you propose to purchase or land you already have under contract.

Land-In-Lieu: This type of loan allows you to use the equity you may have in your land instead of using cash for a down payment.

We offer FHA, VA, Conventional and FmHA (Farmers Home Administration) financing at the lowest rate on the market. Terms are up to 30 years. Down payments are as low as 5% on most programs.


Consequences of Renting...

If your rent is now In five years your rent will be
(with 10% annual increase)
$300/Month $483/Month
$350/Month $564/Month
$400/Month $644/Month
$450/Month $725/Month
$500/Month $805/Month
$550/Month $885/Month


Consequences of Renting:

• Loss of huge tax break
• You live someplace belonging to someone else
• You pay someone else's mortgage
• No tax breaks to landlords mean higher rent


Monthly Payment Monthly Tax Savings* Net Tax Savings* Yearly Tax Savings* 5 Year Tax Savings*
$250 64.40 185.60 772.80 3,864.00
$300 77.28 222.72 927.36 4,636.80
$350 90.16 259.84 1,081.92 5,409.60
$400 103.04 296.96 1,236.48 6,182.40
$450 115.92 334.08 1,391.04 6,955.20


vs. Benefits of Owning

• Assumes 92% of first 5 years payment will go towards payment of interest only
• Assumes customer to be in 28% tax bracket.

Benefits of Owning:

  • America's biggest and safest tax break
  • Pride of ownership
  • Builds equity
  • Establishes credit with major lender

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